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0 Glamour means elegance and nothing else: Karthika

Karthika, daughter of yesteryear south Indian actor Radha, finds her role of Urvashi in Lenin Rajendran's Malayalam film Makaramanju as intense and challenging.
Talking to reporters, she said the style of film making by Lenin made all the difference. Asked about her entering into glamorous roles after the off-track film by Rajendran, she said, "Glamour means elegance and nothing else. In Makaramanju also I had a glamorous role."
Lenin said his film was not a biopic on the life of renowned artist Raja Ravi Varma. "He had faced several hurdles in his personal and artistic life and I had tried to portray that," Rajendran said.
"The film is a journey into the mind of the artist. His love for a female model he used for painting was the inspiration for the film."
Karthika said her role in Makaramanju (Mist of Capricorn) was a dream character.

The stylish approach of the director had helped her a lot, she said. 

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