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0 Nayantara converted to Hindu for Prabhu Deva?

south indian actor sexy Nayanthara Prabhu Deva marrriage pic image galleryThe Nayanthara has always sprung a surprise at regular intervals.The  latest News is nayanthara is converted to Hindu.The some gossips are arround him.Nayantara converted to Hindu for Prabhu Deva.
Nayanthara orginal name is Diana Mariam Kurian born in Christian family.She was converted to Hinduism on Sunday 7th August 2011   morning at Arya Samaj Temple in Chennai.
Nayanthara  has flown from Kochi to Chennai on Sunday morning and headed straight to the Arya Samaj Temple at Waltax Road in Chennai at around 11am.  She has undergone Shuddhi Karma, a process involving a Vedic purification and a Homam where Nayan chanted the hymns from Veda and Gayathri mantra under the direction of the priest.
After completing the traditional ceremony of conversion, she has been given the Certificate of Conversion to Hinduism and she immediately rushed back by evening flight to Kochi.

Picmania2 :Today most of the internet users are search about Nayanthara and  Prabhu Deva .Most of the user to know about their marriage .. Some Website are telling " Prabhu Deva secretly marries Nayantara " What is the true ..? Now we can know  "Nayanthara is converted to hindu". 
In this month most of the south indian are try to know about nayanthara marriage.So some website are boosted the nayanthara content (google says) 

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